9th Digital Transformation Asia 2022: James Lai on endless possibilities with IoT

It’s been several weeks since our last Speaker Spotlight, and we’ve already had more marvelous speakers come on board at the 9th Digital Transformation Asia.

In this segment, we interviewed James Lai, Chairman of the Malaysia Internet-of-Things Association. James has over 20 years of experience in Test & Measurement, software development, simulation, design tools, industrial automation, and IoT (Internet of Things). He held various technical roles as Applications Engineer & later Field Support Engineer at National Instruments & Agilent Technologies. During his career, James had conducted various technical training, and workshops and appeared as a speaker at conferences such as TEDx. He is the founder & principal consultant for IoT Labs – an IoT consultancy & integration services firm.

It was a pleasure to connect with James and find out more about his expertise with IoT, painting the picture of what’s ahead and why should everyone continue to adapt, learn and reinvent themselves to thrive in the digital economy. Read the full interview below:

Tell us more about what you do as a technology leader.

“I have been very active especially in the IoT space, promoting our association, and IoT applications in different industry verticals. I’ve been known as an “ecosystem builder” or “community builder”. I like to network and link people up from different IoT spaces. 

One of the main charters of our association is to help promote IoT applications and solutions through our network and also empower Malaysia towards realizing our digital economy initiatives and ambitions through the use of IoT.”

MyIoTA or Malaysia Internet-of-Things Association was established in 2016 to drive the growth of the IoT ecosystem in the region and to promote IoT applications as solutions to problems by both enterprises and the public at large. MyIoTA is a permanent member of the National 5G Taskforce Working Group, a contributor to the National Industry 4.0 Policy Framework, and a member of the National eCommerce Roadmap Technology Adoption.

What can you say about the progress and development of IoT in Malaysia?

The Malaysian government launched the national strategic blueprint way back in 2016 with the target of creating 9.5 billion of incremental value from IoT development. I can say that Malaysia is in an excellent position to seize the economic opportunities generated by the IoT, but I believe that we still have a lot of room for growth.

With strong support from the government, locally-based enterprises would find it easier to adopt and develop IoT technologies in their productions and daily operations.

What is your message to all the tech leaders in Malaysia?

The fourth revolution is coming and technology is becoming more and more important. Over the past two years, we have seen more and more organizations look into IoT solutions given the impact it has on surviving and thriving through the pandemic. 

With IoT, we can connect, collect and communicate with “things”. With AI, we can analyze, learn and automate the massive amount of data collected through IoT. With 5G, it can provide the global connectivity, bandwidth, and low-level latency needed to achieve high-performance requirements needed to make accurate and fast control be it in autonomous vehicles, smart manufacturing, healthcare, and or digital logistics. Moving forward, I think there’ll be an explosion of IoT solutions that I think the tech leaders need to look seriously into and start developing pipelines of IoT projects.

James will share his expertise on the Internet of Things and the significant elements related to the technologies of IoT and the corresponding challenges faced with the use of IoT.

Meet the experts in person.

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