10th Digital Transformation Asia: AXA Philippines’ Carlos Santos on the digital transformation situation in the nation, “No doubt, we have the right talent, right environment, to be successful”

If you want to know about digital transformation, Carlos Santos, AXA Philippines’ Chief Transformation and Technology Officer is one of the best people to speak with. Carlos is recognized as an Organizational Leader, seasoned in handling large teams. Also, he was included on last year’s ASEAN CIO 75. Rockbird Media had an opportunity to sit […]

10th Digital Transformation Asia 2022: Is Philippines lacking in terms of digital transformation? ING Philippines’ Kenneth Catugas shares his response

Kenneth Catugas is ING Hub Philippines’ Head of Information Technology Division who is responsible for the entire IT Operations and Innovation with over 3,500+ ING staff in the country in three office locations. He has over 14 years of experience in IT Infrastructure, Operations and Management with extensive hands-on experience in Managing System, Security, Network, […]