9th Digital Transformation Asia 2022: Sam Majid on Digital Transformation as your Competitive Advantage

One of our featured speakers at the 9th Digital Transformation Asia 2022 is Sam Majid. Recognized for his track record in Digital Transformation for business growth, Sam is a Business Technology leader with vast international experience in driving innovative growth across a diverse range of sectors including transportation, utilities, logistics, telecommunications, and government. 

At the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Sam is responsible as the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO) over the Commission’s technology, innovation vision, and strategies execution for growth whilst focusing on improving technological advancement. He had bootstrapped start-ups, driven corporate innovation, and has gained recognition with innovation awards of IDC, APICTA, and iAwards. He holds a Research Masters and Engineering Degree from the University of Melbourne, Australia.​

As a representative from the public sector, Sam will be presenting insights on shaping the nation’s digital journey towards becoming data-driven leaders.

In a virtual interview, he highlighted the importance of digital transformation, touching on some timely questions. That piece follows below.

What made you accept the speaking opportunity and what is your vision in Digital Transformation?

In Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia, digital transformation can have a considerable sustainable impact on the public sector and, consequently on society. 

I find that digital transformation is very important because it is about a mindset shift that makes sure that processes and interfaces are enhancing customer experience. It’s not a technology question because people can buy technology very easily these days. However, the services are still unavailable except for counter services, therefore, digital transformation strategies from the government are needed to enhance citizen satisfaction and experience.

How can you transform and inspire tech leaders in your Digital Transformation journey? 

The key ingredient for any leaders to join and ensure that their digital transformation is moving forward is about having leadership agility. Agility is a mindset. A mindset to challenge what is status quo and to take risks. Fail fast, fail quickly, but take a lot of opportunities to learn from all failures. 

Lastly, to empower team members and the organization to take that leap forward. Empowerment requires the leader to be visible and to be in the frontline to drive the organization forward.

What are the core values that you can share with your audience? Why do you have that burning passion for transformation? 

I have two core values. The first one is about efficiency and productivity at work, especially for countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia where we are still developing. As we increase our productivity and efficiency, there is more output. The higher the output per population per worker in the country means the higher the earnings that you could take home for your family. Therefore, the economy becomes better because you are more efficient as an individual. 

My next core value is agility. We have to leave a mark or leave our presence on what we do when we are given the opportunity to make something happen and to make that happen, you need to have the agility and the challenger mindset to make sure that you have maximized your efforts whether it’s empowering the organization, the country, or the people around you.

What is your message to all the tech leaders in the country?

Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Failure is part of agility. However, learn from the failures quickly and empower others to follow you to take the first step and the many more steps to transform your organization. This would mean more revenue, more relevance, and higher customer and citizen service satisfaction.

Be sure to review the agenda to learn more details about Sam’s opening keynote presentation and register for the event to get inside perspectives and lessons from some of the industry’s leading companies and organizations. 

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