9th Digital Transformation Asia 2022: Dr. Carrine Teoh’s Approach to Digital Transformation

Rockbird Media recently chatted with Dr. Carrine Teoh, Chief Strategy Officer at Bond Holdings Sdn Bhd, and she was gracious enough to share more about her work, painting the picture of what’s ahead and why should everyone continue to adapt, learn and reinvent themselves to thrive in the digital economy. 

Dr. Carrine has over two decades of experience in engineering technology and cybersecurity, her areas of expertise are CNI protection, standards, and privacy. She has vast experience in cybersecurity frameworks, ISO 27001, Common Criteria, PDPA, Cyber Ethics, and Critical Infrastructure Protection. She champions the empowerment and active involvement of women in technology and cybersecurity. 

Currently, she is one of the Global Chapter Security & Cyber Security Committee in Della Leaders Club and a VigiTrust Global Advisory Board member. She is also part of the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD), the Association of Information Systems (AIS), and the Malaysian Institute of Management. 

Dr. Carrine was awarded Top 30 Women in Cybersecurity in ASEAN 2021 and Top 10 Women in Security in Malaysia 2020. 

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek and we are pretty sure you will not want to miss meeting her at the 9th Digital Transformation Asia. 

Read the full interview below: 

Can you tell us more about your role as a Chief Strategy Officer and your vision for Digital Transformation?

My role currently is a chief strategy officer, my key responsibility involves planning strategy and mapping out project details. That includes how we’ll be integrating technology into our initiatives. I find it to be very challenging at the same time, I find it to be very fulfilling because I get to incorporate technology into our projects and how to make things better and more efficient. In terms of digital transformation, we all know that technology is used widely in almost every industry. However, I hope that this transformation brings us wellness and efficiency so that the protection of our privacy or each of us individually is very much more intact.

How can you inspire tech leaders in your Digital Transformation journey as an IT Leader in Malaysia? 

Just remember that every little step counts. For all the technology leaders out there, no matter how little you think you’re doing it, what’s important is that you are moving towards it. Nothing happens overnight so we must always remember that digital transformation is a journey, it’s not a destination. As technology evolves, our needs and wants also keep on changing. For all of us that are a part of this journey, we have to keep on learning to know what’s out there and then to know what else we have to learn. That’s one thing that I would like everybody to bear in mind.

What are the core values that you can share with your audience? Why do you have that burning passion for transformation? 

I do believe that each and every one of us should have positivity in our thinking because that brings us resiliency. Things can get tough sometimes. Whether on a personal journey, or a company’s journey, once in a while we meet a bump or are facing a hurdle. I think your attitude towards problems, difficulties, and adversities is the most important factor in overcoming them. Nothing is ever rosy all the time, and resilience is especially important today because the business environment is becoming more dynamic and unpredictable.

Dr. Carrine Teoh’s dream of women leading the way to Digital Transformation.

I want to touch on championing women in technology. That’s what I’d like to see more and would like to bring into focus. Women have a decisive role to play in shaping the digital transformation and ensuring that it contributes to a better future, to beat the ever-changing technology, we need diversity in solutions, we need diversity in our thinking methods.

What is your message to all the tech leaders in Malaysia?

I would like to highlight that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We always have to remember that if we do more collaboration and work together as a whole, we are much more than each of us being individually counted on. I’m looking forward to more collaboration, sharing of knowledge, and working together with all of the technology leaders out there. 

The 9th Digital  Transformation Asia will be held at InterContinental, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 26th of  May 2022. As usual, delegates can expect amazing networking, a great day of insights, and the quality content tracks for which  Digital Transformation Asia is known.  If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for? You’re getting more than just an event pass — you’re getting access to some of the greatest business minds on the planet!

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