10th Digital Transformation: East West Banking’s Dharmesh Patel wants to ensure that the leaders are establishing the beginners

Today’s feature is Dharmesh Patel, East West Banking Corporation’s Chief Data and Analytics Officer where he is in charge of strengthening the transformation of the data and analytics scene for over 20 years. Dharmesh also has experience in AI, BI information system and business processes reengineering. Today, he reveals his perspectives in his journey as a digital transformation evangelist. 

According to Dharmesh, digital transformation is not easy. One must keep in mind about the end goal when embarking on it – the things to achieve, sticking to the track and one will be faced with many solutions ahead. In keeping up with new developments, innovation and trends, Patel spends a lot of time online doing a lot of research regarding data science and analytics and has learned a lot of stuff over the years. Aside from that, he also attends networking events to meet other people in the industry and to understand what technologies can offer through the topics being discussed at the programs where he also gets feedback from other leaders when they share ideas with one another. The Chief Data and Analytics Officer also shared that he is learning from his colleagues from the East West Bank by talking to them and applying the things he discovered from them. “That’s how I learned to face challenges and overcome them. So you learn the concept, then basically apply that.”

The Philippines is doing quite well in terms of digital transformation as per Dharmesh. Living in the country for the last four years, he has witnessed massive changes in adoption of technology. However, there is only one issue in most companies in the country and that is the skill set shortage. When tech students graduate from their universities and come out in the job market, they only learn the theory but not the practice knowledge. Patel wants to ensure that the leaders teach the beginners the right way of doing their task and the right methodologies so they will be able to associate with the industry. 

Speaking of being a beginner, here is a message from Dharmesh for all the innovation leaders across the nation. “We did a good job of elevating the digital transformation in the Philippines. We need to keep it going, we need to share ideas, learn from each other going forward. Make sure that we support the next generation who will come into the workforce in terms of training and leadership so that they would step on your shoulders and do greater things. Get up. You don’t have to sit back with a smug face. You have to make sure that you continue to innovate.” 

For more of Dharmesh Patel, join him at the 10th Digital Transformation Asia co-located with 4th ITSEC Asia 2022 on November 16th at Shangri-La The Fort. 



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