10th Digital Transformation Asia: AXA Philippines’ Carlos Santos on the digital transformation situation in the nation, “No doubt, we have the right talent, right environment, to be successful”

If you want to know about digital transformation, Carlos Santos, AXA Philippines’ Chief Transformation and Technology Officer is one of the best people to speak with. Carlos is recognized as an Organizational Leader, seasoned in handling large teams. Also, he was included on last year’s ASEAN CIO 75. Rockbird Media had an opportunity to sit with Carlos to be featured in today’s Spotlight Interview to talk about the sphere of digital transformation.

Carlos believes that digital transformation in the Philippines will be one of the key enablers of growth for the country because of the talented individuals that will make the nation continue on being stronger as one of the hubs of digital transformation. 

In keeping up with the developments, innovations and trends, Carlos embodies the curiosity factor which is one of the skills of IT professionals – by looking up from social media for further studies, articles and online courses. In their industry, it is not possible that their brand new knowledge will carry them for the next months. A conscious mind is necessary  to be aware and understand to apply the learnings in their work environment. 

According to research, the Philippines seem to be doing quite well in terms of technology for it is stated that around 65% of Filipinos have accelerated their digital investments in the last 24 months. Carlos believes, likewise. “I really see the growth of digital transformation in the Philippines. No doubt, we have the right talent, right environment to be successful.” The country can achieve being the best hub in the region or globally. However, he wants to ensure that the Filipinos understand the fundamentals to achieve that success. For instance, the key takeaways from technology summits or workshops are one of those things. It might take a lot of different steps to get there but it is possible to reach the goal. 

Being a CTO, the main thing to focus on is the way of doing things. Most people perceive technology as the end all be all. In Carlos’ company, he understands the reason behind the things they work on from a business and consumer context. “It’s important to have that foundation that allows us to read right through digital transformation across all of our stakeholders, management and our customers.”

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